To serve the community with the best in entertainment. At the heart of Dheeraj Cultural Foundation Inc. is a strong passion and gratitude for the Indian culture. By having stage shows, Dheeraj Cultural Foundation Inc. is able meet its goal of training the youth and keeping the youth tuned to their culture.

Company Overview

DHEERAJ CULTURAL FOUNDATION INC. is a highly reputable non-profit organization, is unique in its character as an entertainment company serving the South Asian and Caribbean community. An organization that provides cultural entertainment, Dheeraj Cultural Foundation Inc., is known for its quality and excellence at their events.

Dheeraj Cultural Foundation Inc. utilizes the arts to deliver important messages to the public, while breaking boundaries with eclectic fusions of art and culture. Since inception, Dheeraj Cultural Foundation, Inc. has grown leaps and bounds in various fields of event productions. Brilliance and maturity of Dheeraj Cultural Foundation, Inc., has resulted in production of high quality of shows. Combination of some positive factors like tremendous hard work, efficiency and the talent of people involved enables us to render quality productions complete with music, dance, fashion, pageantry and plenty of healthy entertainment.